painted bunting

AmeriScan: Feb. 17, 2014


Building Collisions Kill Billion Birds a Year, Yellowstone Kills Bison, Vermont Kills Biomass Power Plant, New York Tries Microbeads Ban, Plastic Bags Become Diesel

Billion Birds Die Annually in [...]

cock rescue

AmeriScan: Feb. 10, 2014


New York Cockfighting Bust, Duke Coal Ash Spill, W.R. Grace Fined $63 Million, Voters Support Carbon Limits, Oil & Gas Chemical Emissions, Oregon Chub Recovered

New York Executes ‘Operation [...]

Etowah River Terminal

AmeriScan: Jan. 27, 2014


W. Virginia Chemical Spill, Chukchi Sea Oil Leases, Energy-Efficient Cities, Keystone XL Contractor, Coastal Wetlands Grants, Half U.S. Wolves Killed

West Virginia Governor Orders Chemical Leak Tank Removed … [...]


AmeriScan: Jan. 20, 2014


West Virgina Chemical Spill, Gulf Coast Pipeline, California’s Environmental Law Suspended, Birmingham Road Goes Ahead, Zero-Emission Buses


West Virgina Chemical Spill Prompts New State, Federal Laws … TransCanada’s [...]

BP fire

AmeriScan: Jan. 14, 2014


BP Loses in Court, Senate Climate Action Task Force, Future Superstorms, RGGI States Slash Greenhouse Gases, Poll: Latino Voters Reject Coal Exports

Court Upholds Multi-Billion Dollar BP Settlement … [...]

Elk River

AmeriScan: Jan. 10, 2014


West Virginia Chemical Spill, Texas Keystone Pipeline, Petrified Forest Park Expands, Greening State Capitals, Court Win for Motorized Recreation, Big Cats Maimed, Red Tides Kill Manatees

West Virginia Coal [...]


AmeriScan: Jan. 7, 2014


Cold Birds, Woodstove Standards, Energy Tax Credits, 2,4-D Tolerant Corn, Soybeans, Barrier Between Great Lakes, Mississippi, Coal Train Lawsuit, Texas Fracking

Icy Cold a Bird Killer … EPA Proposes [...]

driverless car

AmeriScan: Dec. 27, 2013


Self-Driving Cars, Cheese Brine on Ice, Coca-Cola Hybrids, EPA Gets the Lead Out, Great Lakes, Controlled Burns, Household Dogs

Michigan OKs Road Testing of Self-Driving Cars … Wisconsin Cheese [...]


AmeriScan: Dec. 23, 2013


No Izembek Refuge Road, BP Engineer Guilty, Bee-Killing Pesticide, New York Ivory Hearing, Ogllala Aquifer Losing Water, Heat Kills Desert Tortoises

Secretary Jewell Rejects Road Across Alaska’s Izembek Wildlife [...]

hand washing

AmeriScan: Dec. 16, 2013


Antibacterial Soaps, EPA Cuts Enforcement, Green Trade Bill, Offshore Wind Tax Credit, Texas Refinery Cleanup, Navy Sonar Lawsuit

FDA: Antibacterial Soaps Risky, Plain Soap Just as Good … EPA [...]

forest, owl

AmeriScan: Dec. 11, 2013


Oregon Forests, Methane Emissions, Fracking Climate Impacts, New Superfund Sites, Electric Cars

Wyden Bill Marries Oregon Timber Harvest and Conservation … 90 Groups Seek Federal Curbs on Methane Emissions [...]

No Picture

AmeriScan: Dec. 6, 2013

Feds Go Renewable, Ships Slowed for Whales, 30-Year Eagle Take Permits, Rhino Horn Crimes, Army Fuel Cells, Forest Off-Roaders Out

Feds Must Use 20 Percent Renewable Energy by 2020 … [...]

stranded whales

AmeriScan: Dec. 4, 2013


Pilot Whales Die, Petition Targets Wildlife-Killing Agency, Fire-Fighting Drones, NASA Saves Planetary Missions, Water Quality Trading, Quiet Atlantic Hurricane Season

Ten Pilot Whales Dead on Everglades Beach, 41 Others [...]


AmeriScan: Nov. 25, 2013


Wind Power Bird Kill Crime, $100 Billion Climate Inaction Bill, 99% Renewables, Texas Coal Plants Charged, Enbridge Pipeline, Waste-to-Fuel Awards


Guilty Plea in First Wind Power Bird Kill [...]


AmeriScan: Nov. 21, 2013


Sturgeon Return, Nuclear Waste Fund, Fast-Tracking Fracking, ‘Green’ Bond, Wind Turbine Testing, Sandy Fuel Spills


Atlantic Sturgeon Return to Chesapeake Bay … Court Orders Nuclear Waste Fund Fee [...]

ethanol refinery

AmeriScan: Nov. 19, 2013

Veterans Back Renewables, Senators Back Biodiesel, Megatons to Megawatts Ends, Refuge Frogs, Tern Island Plastic

Veterans Fight Repeal of the Renewable Fuel Standard … Senators: ‘Fragile’ Biodiesel Industry Deserves Support [...]

Washington, Illinois

AmeriScan: Nov. 18, 2013


Deadly Midwest Tornadoes, TVA Retires Coal Units, Utah’s San Rafael Swell, Climate Harms Wildlife, Kauai Pesticides

Eight Killed By Midwestern Tornadoes … Tennessee Valley Authority Retires Coal-Fired Power Units [...]


AmeriScan: Nov. 14, 2013

Navy Sonar, EPA Pesticides, Chromium Corp. Fined, Forestry Carbon Offsets, Wildfire Forecasts, One Million EVs


Navy Sonar Regulated to Protect Whales, Dolphins … EPA Corrects Pesticides Policy Re: Endangered [...]

No Picture

AmeriScan: Nov. 13, 2013

Tribal Nations, California Fracking, Beetle-Killed Trees, Texas Drought, Lake Erie, Shreveport Sewers


Obama Partners With Tribal Nations on Climate … Climate Scientists Urge Halt to California Fracking … Biofuel [...]