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Forests Don’t Offset as Much CO2 as Countries Claim

BRUSSELS, Belgium, April 28, 2021 (ENS) – A giant gap between the amount of greenhouse gases countries report emitting and the amount of these heat-trapping gases independent scientists estimate from global models that the countries actually emit, a scientific team led by… […]

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Innovative STAR Tool Reduces Species Extinction Risk

GLAND, Switzerland, April 22, 2021 (ENS) – The new Species Threat Abatement and Restoration, STAR, metric developed by conservationists for the first time allows business, governments and civil society to assess their potential contributions to reducing global species loss […]

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3D Printing Plant Hits Zero Waste To Landfill Status

DUSSELDORF, Germany, April 20, 2021 (ENS) – Henkel’s, the German firm founded in 1876 that today manufactures adhesives and resins for 3D printing, has achieved zero production waste to landfill status at its Dixon facility in California. Achieving this status is a global initiative […]

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Autonomous Air Taxis Planned for Miami, Los Angeles

MIAMI, Florida, April 22, 2021 (ENS) – Autonomous air taxis will fly the skies over Miami, Florida by 2024, if plans by California-based Archer Aviation come to fruition. The company’s Miami announcement came a week after Archer executives met with Miami Mayor Francis Suarez […]

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Exposing ‘Deepfake Geography’

SEATTLE, Washington, April 22, 2021 (ENS) – A fire in New York’s Central Park seems to appear as a smoke plume and a line of flames in a satellite image. Colorful lights on Diwali night in India, seen from space, seem to show fireworks exploding. But it’s “location spoofing.” […]

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A World at Risk: Royal Astronomer Looks Ahead

CAMBRIDGE, UK, April 21, 2021 (ENS) – From bioengineered pandemics to city-ravaging cyber attacks to nuclear annihilation, life on Earth could soon change radically due to humanity’s impact on the planet, the UK’s Astronomer Royal, Martin Rees, is warning. […]


Toyota Builds Hydrogen-Powered City

TOKYO, Japan, April 8, 2021 (ENS) – Toyota is undertaking an enormous project – but on a small scale – a prototype city of the future on a 175-acre site at the base of Mt. Fuji in Japan. Called the Woven City, it is designed as a fully connected ecosystem powered by hydrogen fuel cells and solar, where residents get around in driverless, automated vehicles. […]

Land Use/Forests

Invaders Attack U.S. Forests, Public Lands

MADISON, Wisconsin, April 8, 2021 (ENS) – “Invasive species have caused and will continue to cause enormous ecological and economic damage with ever increasing world trade,” U.S. Forest Service scientists conclude […]


WasteShark, the Swimming Drone, Devours Marine Trash

ROTTERDAM, The Netherlands, April 5, 2021 (ENS) – The Rotterdam-based startup RanMarine Technology has built a drone that swims rather than flies. The WasteShark travels waterways to collect litter, biomass, plastics, microplastic and other debris using a basket underneath… […]