driverless car

AmeriScan: Dec. 27, 2013


Self-Driving Cars, Cheese Brine on Ice, Coca-Cola Hybrids, EPA Gets the Lead Out, Great Lakes, Controlled Burns, Household Dogs

Michigan OKs Road Testing of Self-Driving Cars … Wisconsin Cheese [...]


AmeriScan: Dec. 23, 2013


No Izembek Refuge Road, BP Engineer Guilty, Bee-Killing Pesticide, New York Ivory Hearing, Ogllala Aquifer Losing Water, Heat Kills Desert Tortoises

Secretary Jewell Rejects Road Across Alaska’s Izembek Wildlife [...]

hand washing

AmeriScan: Dec. 16, 2013


Antibacterial Soaps, EPA Cuts Enforcement, Green Trade Bill, Offshore Wind Tax Credit, Texas Refinery Cleanup, Navy Sonar Lawsuit

FDA: Antibacterial Soaps Risky, Plain Soap Just as Good … EPA [...]