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Tarry Oil From Unknown Source Fouls Israeli Beaches

TEL AVIV, Israel, February 28, 2021 (ENS) – The level of tarry pollution on Israel’s Rosh Hanikra Beach near the Lebanese border is now rated medium-heavy, after new lumps of tar washed ashore on Sunday after volunteers had worked to clean it. New tar was also found on Tel Baruch Beach in Tel Aviv, Bustan Hagalil, and Hamachalim Beach in Haifa. […]

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Puerto Rican Jailed for Trafficking Protected Corals

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico, February 25, 2021 (ENS) – A Puerto Rican man has been sentenced to a year and a day in federal prison for felonies involving the trafficking and false labeling of protected reef creatures in an effort to avoid Puerto Rican laws developed to protect sea life on coral reefs. […]


Russian Tanker First to Sail Arctic Sea Route in Winter

ST. PETERSBURG, Russia, February 22, 2021 (ENS) – The Arctic’s icy Northern Sea Route is melting, allowing the Russian icebreaking LNG carrier Christophe de Margerie to complete her experimental round trip voyage across the Arctic in winter. For the first time in history, due to climate warming, the Arctic ice has thawed enough to allow a large-capacity cargo vessel to transit the eastern portion of the Northern Sea Route in January. […]


America Rejoins World Accord to Limit Climate Crisis

NEW YORK, New York, February 21, 2021 (ENS) – The community of nations welcomed the United States back into the Paris Climate Accord on Friday with the approval of American conservationists, politicians on both sides of the aisle and thousands of non-federal climate leaders who launched America is All In, a coalition to drive a society-wide mobilization for bold climate ambition. […]

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Dow Chemical Fined Millions for Illegal Flaring

HAHNVILLE, Louisiana, February 18, 2021 (ENS) – Thousands of tons of air pollution emitted in flares by four manufacturing facilities in Texas and Louisiana will be reduced under a settlement reached by the companies in January with the U.S. Department of Justice, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, EPA, and the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality. […]


Changing Climate Top Threat to Natural World Heritage

GLAND, Switzerland, February 17, 2021 (ENS) – Climate change is now the biggest threat to natural World Heritage sites with their incomparable landscapes, rare ecological processes, critical habitat and exceptional biodiversity, finds a new assessment by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, IUCN. […]

Land Use/Forests

Police Target the Most Lucrative of Environmental Crimes

LYON, France, February 16, 2021 (ENS) – A decade of forestry crime operations, fighting the looting of natural resources such as timber and charcoal in some of the world’s poorest countries, has given the international police force, Interpol, some powerful tools to carry on the fight against its powerful adversaries. […]


Texas Oil Co Fined Millions for Fouling Wyoming Waters

CHEYENNE, Wyoming, February 15, 2021 (ENS) – A settlement has been reached between the U.S. government and the oil and gas company Fleur de Lis Energy, which has agreed to pay $1.9 million for violating the Clean Water Act in Wyoming. The company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas with field operations in Texas and Wyoming. […]

At Risk

Blowing Snow, Ice Storms Paralyze Much of United States

COLLEGE PARK, Maryland, February 13, 2021 (ENS) – More than 100 million Americans are currently under Winter Storm Warnings, Winter Storm Watches, or Winter Weather Advisories as coast-to-coast stormy winter weather is hitting them now or is forecast by the National Weather Service. […]


Silica-Silver Plastic Film Kills Coronavirus on Contact

SAO PAULO, Brazil, February 13, 2021 (ENS) – A plastic film that can deactivate 99.99 percent of the virus that causes COVID-19 in 15 minutes has been released by an international team of companies and universities from Brazil and Spain. The product, AlpFilm Protect PVC, is now on the market and is being used to pack meat, fruit, vegetables and cold meats, and to protect surfaces. […]


Biden Lifts Emergency on U.S.-Mexico Border, Stops Wall

WASHINGTON, DC, February 11, 2021 (ENS) – A national emergency no longer exists at the U.S. southern border with Mexico; it has been terminated after nearly two years. On Wednesday, President Joe Biden issued a proclamation that ends the national emergency first declared by former President Donald Trump on February 15, 2019, and twice renewed. […]


Youth Climate Case Headed for U.S. Supreme Court

EUGENE, Oregon, February 10, 2021 (ENS) – The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, without explanation, today denied the request of 21 young people to have a full panel of the court hear their climate case against the U.S. Government. “We will now seek review in the U.S. Supreme Court,” declared the plaintiffs’ Eugene-based law firm Our Children’s Trust, […]


Dreams During Pandemic Reveal Fear, Mental Suffering

SAO PAULO, Brazil, February 10, 2021 (ENS) – Amid the isolation imposed by COVID-19, the brain resorts to dreams in an effort to metabolize the intense emotions experienced during the day and assimilate experiences that favor survival as we strive to adapt to the “new normal.” Suddenly, we have to avoid kissing, hugging, and even friendly handshaking. […]

Land Use/Forests

Paradise Closing: Oil Drilling Begins in Okavango Delta

WINDHOEK, Namibia, February 1, 2021 (ENS) – The fate of one of Africa’s most valuable ecosystems will depend on results from wells being drilled deep into the bedrock beneath the Kalahari Desert of northern Namibia and Botswana in the hunt for a petroleum reservoir. If the search by Canadian oil and gas company ReconAfrica is successful, the region could be irrevocably transmogrified… […]