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Our Children's Trust plaintiff Levi D., 13. (Photo courtesy Our Children's Trust)


EUGENE, Oregon, November 25, 2020 (ENS) – If you don’t want to miss out on the virtual and educational opportunity of a lifetime, you’ll want to attend the world premiere of “Youth v. Gov,” a documentary based on an innovative lawsuit by Our Children’s Trust, which seeks science-based action by governments to stabilize the climate system.

Our Children’s Trust is a nonprofit public interest law firm based in Eugene that represents young people in global legal efforts to secure their binding and enforceable legal rights to a healthy atmosphere and stable climate, based on the best available science.

Our Children’s Trust plaintiff Levi D., 13. (Photo courtesy Our Children’s Trust)

For the film, entitled “Youth v. Gov,” a documentary film crew followed young climate activist Kelsey Juliana and her co-plaintiffs in the lawsuit Juliana v. United States brought to court by Our Children’s Trust.

Directed by Christi Cooper, the film follows the actions that led 21 young activists from ages of 10 to 21 to come together and file federal complaints against the United States government.

In the film, we learn about the danger that the United States as a nation has been falling further and further away from potential climate recovery. It and focuses on questions such as, “How can we bring accountability to the climate crisis?”

Since the current administration may not be using its power to mitigate the climate crisis, 21 American youth have come together to raise public awareness concerning the severity of the potential climate catastrophe. If no action is taken, the sea levels will rise, there will be an increase in the number and extent of wildfires, and there will not be enough fresh water to support ever-growing populations.

Premiered in New York City at the DOC NYC film festival on November 11, the captivating story of these passionate activists taking on one of the most powerful governments in the world is not one that you would want to miss.

With a pre-recorded question and answer session immediately preceding the film, viewers will gain insight into what compels activists to protect the global climate.

With political actions held in all 50 states, Our Children’s Trust looks not only to sue the federal government to make it act to protect the climate but to also find “science-based systemic remedies” to protect the basic right to a healthy climate that everyone should be entitled to receive.

Guiding viewers through the events that initiated the youth climate strike movement, “Youth v Gov” shows us the power that the voices of young people – and their lawyers – can have.

— By Georgia Seidman

From the film YOUTH v GOV, some of the young plaintiffs catch hands with plaintiff Levi D. 2020 (Screengrab from YOUTH v GOV courtesy Our Children’s Trust)

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