Gorsuch, Trump

Environmental Record of Trump’s Supreme Court Choice

WASHINGTON, DC, February 1, 2017 (ENS) – Neil McGill Gorsuch, a judge who now sits on the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver, Colorado, is President Trump’s nominee for the seat on the U.S. Supreme Court left open by the death of Justice Antonin Scalia. If confirmed, the jury is out on what he would mean for the environment. […]

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Cuba Gets Electric Cars: Nissan Leafs Made in the USA

MIAMI, Florida, Febuary 1, 2017 (ENS) – A Miami-based automotive export company has received the first approval from the U.S. government to ship American-made electric cars to Cuba. Putting aside politics in favor of business, the move follows former President Barack Obama’s policy of restoring diplomatic relations with Cuba. […]

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U.S. Hunters Auction African Hunts for $$ to Lobby Trump

CAPE TOWN, South Africa, February 1, 2017 (ENS) – Safari Club International, America’s most powerful hunting lobby group, this week will auction the lives of 280 South African animals to raise funds to lobby the Trump administration against measures protecting threatened species, such as the Big Five: elephant, rhino, lion, buffalo and leopard. […]