New Yorkers Switch On Green Power in Three Clicks

NEW YORK, New York, November 30, 2009 (ENS) – A website launched today makes it easier New Yorkers to switch to clean, renewable energy. The site was established through a joint effort by the Natural Resources Defense Council and the Alliance for Clean Energy New York.

The Green Power NYC website allows energy consumers to purchase renewable energy certificates. The renewable energy, all generated in New York State, is provided by ConEdison Solutions and by Sterling Planet.

A kilowatt hour of renewable energy is supplied to the grid for each kWh of renewable energy that consumers purchase, and each kilowatt hour of energy is associated with a renewable energy certificate. This is the nationally accepted method for distributing green power to the public.

Every kilowatt hour of renewable energy produced means one fewer kilowatt hour of energy that must be generated from fossil fuels and nuclear power.

“Three clicks and you can make the switch from fossil fuels to clean energy,” said Brandi Colander, attorney in the Air and Energy Program at Natural Resources Defense Council. “This website gives New Yorkers a tool to lead the way in repowering America, starting with their own homes and small businesses.”

On the Green Power NYC site, residents and small business owners can select their desired type of clean power and energy provider. Then, after filling out a short form with their information, they can begin supporting wind power and other renewable energy sources.

“This new project is exciting for energy providers, environmentalists and New York City residents alike,” said Carol Murphy, executive director of Alliance for Clean Energy New York. “Our new website furthers our mission by making it easier for New Yorkers to use alternatives to dirty fossil fuels.”

Brent Alderfer, president of Community Energy, Inc., ConEdison Solutions’ green power partner, gave credit for the program to the Natural Resources Defense Council. “NRDC has led the way for decades, and is leading again by offering a proven way for electric customers to promote wind power here in New York, through the ConEdison Solutions WIND Power Program,” he said.

Consumers can choose either 100 percent wind power from ConEdison Solutions or from Sterling Planet – or they can choose a mix of wind and hydropower from either power provider.

ConEdison Solutions power mix, supplied by Community Energy, is a blend of 35 percent Green-e Energy certified wind energy and 65 percent small hydro energy verified by New York State Public Service Commission.

Sterling Planet’s power mix is a half-and-half blend – half is Green-e Energy certified wind energy and the other half is small hydro energy verified by the New York State Public Service Commission.

“With the launch of Green Power NYC, millions more New Yorkers can discover that clean, renewable energy is an easy, affordable option that’s good for the environment, good for the economy, and good for increased energy security and independence,” said Mel Jones, Sterling Planet president and chief executive officer.

“Sterling Planet is honored to serve Green Power NYC as a provider, bringing our pristine renewable energy supply from wind and water projects to the heart of the vibrant Big Apple, to the energized city that never sleeps.”

“For daily pocket change,” said Jones, “New Yorkers can now renew their electricity using homegrown energy that makes it easy to enjoy modern comforts today without potentially compromising the lifestyles of future generations.”

The purchase helps build a market for renewable electricity and may have other local and global environmental benefits such as reducing global climate change and regional air pollution.

This program will help New Yorkers reduce carbon emissions, increase economic development in the clean energy sector, and avoid the construction of new fossil fuel power plants. It was made possible by a donation from the New York City based Wolfensohn Family Foundation, headed by James Wolfensohn, former president of the World Bank Group.

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