About Environment News Service (ENS)

The Environment News Service is the original daily international wire service of the environment. Established in 1990 by Editor in Chief Sunny Lewis and Managing Editor Jim Crabtree, the company is independently owned and operated under the direction of the founders.

With the belief that well-informed people are the best guarantee of democracy, The Environment News Service exist to provide late-breaking news of the environment from across the United States and around the world.

With the conviction that ignorance is responsible for degradation of Earth’s ecosystems and knowledge can result in planetary health, ENS management and correspondents strive to provide news that is factual and presented without bias.

ENS staffers and correspondents file stories to the central ENS editorial desk. In addition to being journalists, ENS contributors may be experts in other fields such as law, ecology, economics or public health.

ENS news reports are indexed by Dow Jones Factiva and ProQuest. Hundreds of websites feature ENS headlines and reports. TV websites from all the major U.S. networks and many independents carry ENS reports.

ENS covers issues and events that affect the environment such as: natural disasters, politics, legislation, conferences, demonstrations, legal action, international agreements, sustainable development, climate change, energy, nuclear issues, public health, air quality, drinking water, oceans and marine life, land use, forests, wildlife, hazardous materials, toxics, energy, solid waste and recycling, transportation, environmental economics and the built environment.

ENS has been first with many stories over the years and has covered emerging issues long before other news services. As a result, ENS has won four Project Censored awards, given by the California-based media research project for news published ahead of the media curve.

Many news sources in the United States and around the world contact our newsroom well in advance of public announcements and work closely with us on breaking developments.

Story pitches and comments may be directed to: news@ens-news.com.